βερὶκοκκον, βερικόκκιον
Grammatical information: n.
Meaning: `apricot' (Gp.)
Origin: LW [a loanword which is (probably) not of Pre-Greek origin]X [probably] Lat.?
Etymology: DELG mentions that Latin has praecoquum `early ripe' (perhaps it was considered as an early ripe variant of the peach) which was transcribed in Greek as πραικόκκιον (not in LSJ); note Gr. κόκκος `grain of fruit'. I don't know how this could have given our form. (Through Arab. albarqūq and Catal. a(l)bercoc this would have given Fr. apricot.)

Greek-English etymological dictionary (Ελληνικά-Αγγλικά ετυμολογική λεξικό). . 2010.

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